A new custom home for San Clemente family

Lampert Dias Architect’s Inc. has just finished the Construction Administration Phase of the new San Clemente “Dorothy Vissar” Senior’s Community Center.

The Senior Center is complete and started operations in October 2011.  The center includes a fitness center, a computer lab, a multi-purpose room, classrooms, a library, plus a kitchen which distributes “meals on wheels” daily to housebound seniors. Lunch is served daily at the center. There are daily activities including work out classes and Bingo.

Lampert Dias Architect’s collaborated with the entire design team, the City of San Clemente and Age Well Senior Services ( a local non profit group)  to create the new center which is approximately 8000 square feet and attached to the new San Clemente Fire Station.  Lampert Dias designed the Senior Center as well as the interior design and furnishings for the space.


San Clemente Senior Center opens at last


Christine has been invited back to teach another semester of Architecture 511……the Fundamentals of Construction Materials and Methods. Help wanted: Needed: construction sites of large buildings for field trips for the students.
1. Excavation, basement and foundation….preferably several underground levels of parking structure with new concrete to show students in September 2010

2. Steel and curtain wall construction in a high rise …..8 stories or higher.

Three weeks in China is a long time, but so is three years.  David, my husband, is now working for one of the largest real estate development firms in China, as the “Chief Architect”.  He is in charge of designing and developing over 12 million square feet of new commercial real estate all over mainland China.  It’s quite a challenge and a huge honor. 

Michele and I spent three weeks exploring southern China with David during the month of June 2010.  We experienced China as “expats” rather then tourists.  We shopped at Sam’s Club for live fish and crocodile on ice, ready to take home and cook up.  We took subways through town and walked many miles in the neighborhoods of Shenzhen.

We saw more cranes and bamboo scaffolding then you would ever see in the USA these days.  The whole country is under construction.  Highrise, 30 and 40 story buildings going up everywhere.

It’s time to start learning Mandarin because China is already an integral part of our world even if we don’t realize it yet.  Just wait a little longer and every one of us will have some connection to China.  Many of us already have that connection………..just think about who you know and what your connection is to China.

Even if you can’t think of a personal connection, I am willing to bet that you are wearing something, like your shoes or your shirt, that was made in China.  Think a little harder and you will remember that you know someone who is working in construction or technology in China………..



USC Architecture 511

Christine Lampert to teach Arch 511 at USC spring 2010.
The class is “Fundamentals of Building Construction” and begins on January 11.

The addition to the rear of the historic 1928 house

The addition to the rear of the historic 1928 house

Red brick and built in the 1880's

Red brick and built in the 1880's

Christine Lampert’s youngest daughter, Michele Lang has chosen her college.  She was looking for a traditional  small town,  preferably historic with an established college close to the historic downtown.  She found California State University Chico.  The town was founded in the 1860′s and the campus was founded in the 1880′s originally as a teaching college.  The historic downtown and the beautiful redbrick campus are next door to each other.  From the foothills of the Cascade  Mountains nearby Bidwell creek runs through town and bisects the campus.  Bidwell park is the largest municipal park in the USA and offers many swimming holes up in the foothills of Butte County for the students during hot weather.  The school is tucked away in a corner of California where many tourists have never visited.  Lassen National Park is about an hour north and even in the summer the snow capped peak of Mount Lassen is seen in the distance.  The town is on the edge of the San Joaquin Valley which is the great agricultural valley of California.  The Sierra Mountains are just to the south and the Cascades foothills are touching the edge of the town. 

Michele was accepted into an elite honor’s program with 34 other students and 5 professors.  This program blends almost all of the general education requirements into the first year with a 17 unit study program each semester combining history, english, science, psychology and the arts.  The first month the class traveled to Ashland, Oregon to see 4 plays. They meet weekly for star gazing for the astromony portion.  They have dissected a sheeps brain combined with studies of the human brain for psychology and science and there are many other exciting discussions and exercises that they engage in.  The rest of the semester includes trips to San Francisco museums and a campout at the university science nature center.